Soccer: It’s not just about the field.

Education is just as integral to being a star as learning footy skills and endurance. That’s why we spend so much time on academics, mental readiness and language training.
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If you’re planning on a career in soccer, you need to consider the importance of the classroom side of learning.

Education: Planning to Succeed

At all our EduKick International Soccer Academies, we encourage you to learn about the people, language and culture around you. After all, soccer is a gobal game, so if you’re comfortable in an international environment, you’re more likely to be on your best game.

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Whether it’s our intense skills training on the pitch or our proven and effective method of language learning, we work with you to have a plan for your career in soccer.
If you want to play, coach or teach, we can help you make that happen. With EduKick Academies, we help you to win – by succeeding in your chosen career path.

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