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While all EduKick venues vary in their academic plans, our USA academy, Gateway Preparatory Sports Academy, partners with EduKick USA to offer soccer students the new GPA Soccer & Education Academy. This new venue is able to combine academics, excellent soccer coaching and the inter-cultural experience unique to all EduKick academies.

What are the facilities like?

As a private school, GPA has a main campus, a fantastic sports-centered facility and student living quarters. The goal of the academy is to create an environment in which student-players are challenged individually to be their unique best.
The sports complex provides an elite training program, allowing each athlete to strengthen and develop their tactical awareness and technical knowledge of the game in a challenging environment.

Is Combining Academics with Soccer Training a Challenge for the Student?

While this format of education/training brings with it more stringent requirements of students, the staff of EduKick USA and GPA always available to help the participants through the challenges. Out staff are well-chosen to be fully committed to the overall education of each individual through both their academic achievement and soccer training.
Living, playing soccer and studying in USA as a teenager or young adult represents an enormous challenge for both the participant and the educators. That’s why the EduKick USA/GPA staff are chosen for their ability to guide, mentor and provide a high level of care and service to our young academy participants.

Does all this take place in a single location?

Not entirely. While the new USA academy is located in Glen Carbon, Illinois, well-known as one of the best places to live in the US, our system is encompasses several locations. Our system is highly organized and unified to offer only the best, and student-players are transported by private bus to each of those destinations.
· Academics: Gateway Preparatory, Main Campus
· Residence & Onsite Gym: Gateway Sports Academy
· Strength & Conditioning: Accelerate fitness
· Soccer Coaching Sessions: Edwardsville High School
· Soccer Matches: Southern Illinois University

Where do academics fit in?

Education through any EduKick venue will be the finest an international academy has to offer. Here is more information on EduKick academics in the USA. In general, we offer all the courses normally offered by your local high school, with options for advanced placement, business and sports tracks. Some of the courses offered are as follows:
· Language Arts
· Mathematics
· Business
· History
· Science
· Physical Education
· Fine arts
· Foreign Language
· World Religion

What does something like this cost?

For a full academic year running between August and June, the cost is as follows. The reason for the variation in price is due to the cost of acquiring passports, visas, transportation and other paperwork.
$40,990 USD (International Students)
$34,990 USD (Domestic USA Students)
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