Student-Athlete Hits Pro!

Every now and then a former student will reach out and give us an update on their football career. So when Jesse Vogel sent us an update, we cheered his success!

Jesse just signed his first professional contract with 1904 FC San Diego. True to our student culture, Jesse focused on becoming the best possible athlete and student he could be. And with help from our consistent coaching, hands-on skills training, and high level academic program, his hard work has resulted in achievement.

Here’s what Jesse had to say:

“I just signed my first pro contract with 1904 FC in San Diego! I went to their open tryouts in the beginning of August and made the preseason squad out of 250 players. After two weeks of preseason, I made the final roster of 20 players. Just wanted to say thank you for everything. Cheers and best regards, Jesse.”

From our Founder

“We are all proud of Jesse and his accomplishment signing a pro contract. He spent several years with us at our EduKick Spain Academy venue and he totally deserves what’s happening to him now!” Edukick President, Joey Bilotta

Follow the Path

Jesse’s story inspires each of us to work toward our goals with intention and energy each and every day. Are you ready to begin a path of focused hard work that just might lead you toward success?

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