Yesterday we were contacted by top Mental Performance Consultant., Mark Bowden, offering all EduKick Football Soccer Academy players free access to his ground breaking football mindset app TopForm, “Use Your Brain To Raise Your Game.”

Mark wrote:

Whilst everyone is going through this down time, I’ve been looking to give something back and help players with both their progress and their mental health whilst we are all going through this.

Bowden is an experienced Mental Performance Consultant, working with over 200 pro-players, mainly at Premier League and Championship level. Mark’s best selling book is titled “Use Your Brain – Raise Your Game – The Professional Footballer’s Guide to Peak Performance” and it has become a pro-footballers’ bible. He helps these elite level footballers to play at their best by utilizing the immense power of their mind. He now wants to help young international players at EduKick Football Soccer Academy to achieve the very same gains.

Mark says that professional footballers spend their lives training and improving their ability. But, he believes that it isn’t actually their ability that ultimately holds them back. It’s being able to perform to this ability consistently using their mind, and this is where Mark’s app comes into play.

The App takes players through mental training for peak performance at different stages. Pregame preparation and focus, postgame focus and pregame conditioning. This gradually helps players reprogram how they mentally approach all aspects of their game.

When Mark says:

We’re going to bounce back from this, football once again will be something that is a huge part of our lives again. But, in the meantime let us make this a more positive experience for the players.

At EduKick Football Soccer Academy we are now going to provide all our players with the App and help them to get the most from it as we guide them through the current challenges. With the invaluable practical help, experience and generosity of professionals like Mark, our players will continue to develop and grow.

Questions? Interested in signing up?

Reach out to EduKick Founder Joseph Bilotta at:
Toll-Free: 1 (866) 338-5425
SKYPE: edukicksoccer
WhatsApp: +1-289-242-1143

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