EduKick Students Meet League Founders

Soccer ClubsEdukick Manchester coaches, staff and student-players are delighted to form a new partnership with Accrington Stanley FC.
Through friend of EduKick International, Dave Bailey, Edukick Manchester has formed a great link to the professional football club, allowing Edukick Manchester student-players to get a fantastic view into the world of English football.
Accrington Stanley FC is one of the founding members of the football league!
Accrington Stanley
In fact, Accrington Stanley, one of only 12 clubs to form the football league, in 1888, has had a tough time throughout history. After a dramatic reformation of the club, in 1968, they established themselves firmly in English football.
From there they started to move up through the local non-league setup to the national non-league setup.
Then, in 2005, they won promotion back into the football league where they have been ever since. Now known as ‘The club that will never die’ Accrington Stanley is a traditional and local football club, but now with grand and glorious ideas to progress in football.
Accrington Stanley coaches will be delivering guest sessions to the Edukick Manchester players. Student-players will also have the opportunity for visits to the ground to watch the first team games, fantastic guest speakers from the club, and even more possibilities for those who show potential to train and trial with the club.
Manchester Accrington Square1
Throughout the season, Edukick Manchester will play the Accrington Stanley Academy teams too, which is a great opportunity for Head of Recruitment Dave Bailey to watch the Edukick players first hand.
Edukick & Accrington Stanley had their first success in the partnership, with Lawrence Hanna of Edukick Manchester being invited to Accrington to train with the Academy and showcase to the coaches what he can do. Hopefully later this month, Lawrence will spend time at Accrington to try to kick start his football career.

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EduKick Manchester: Hearing From the Experts

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Professional Advice

Throughout the year, our EduKick International Acadmies, including Edukick Manchester, bring in the professional people of football. The criteria for this is a successful or lifetime involvement in the sport, local coaches, staff, players and key team members who make it happen.

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Real Life Stories

In this case, we brought in Keith Rees to give real life stories and advice to the players. Keith is the Development and Recruitment Officer as well as Goalkeeper for Everton FC. He is a major participant in the English football system.
Keith spent the whole day at the school and spoke for an hour with the players. He offered them them insight into the values and ethos of the academy at Everton FC. He unfolded for them how communication works between staff and players about expectations and performance.
Pictures of our fantastic 2014/2015 year.
Neil Garside, EduKick Manchester Head Coach/BTEC Tutor, spent the last few months on these topics, so it helped to cements these principles into the minds of the student players.

Future Opportunities

As with all the experts we bring in, Keith’s wealth of knowledge brought much to the table. Not only his knowledge of the game, but also what he’s learned from his role at Everton, as an FA assessor of coaches, as a coach mentor, having worked with many top level players and working with Team GB at the Olympics.
We look forward to seeing Keith again, in 2015, as he has invited us on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Academy.
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Spanish Soccer Students Kick It Up

More Than Just Footy Skills

Did you know that EduKick has an Academy in Madrid, Spain? There, students from around the globe join in full-time soccer training from some of the best coaches in Spain.
Not only that, these high school students continue their education either online or by attending local schools. Language study is also a large part of the overall training at EduKick Academies. So our students are learning more than just footy skills.
We believe that a well-trained student can not only play soccer well, but be able to communicate on an international level with other players, coaches and others in their daily lives away from home.
Watch them play with skill in the video below, and see yourself playing with them.
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Soccer Highlights of 2014 Fall Season!

Latest EduKick Soccer Video

We’ve had a great year so far this year, and we can’t wait to begin 2015! These players have progressed so well, and learned so much that they’re going to be amazing come Spring.
Watch what these amazing student-players can do.
If you’d like to become the best you can be at soccer, academics and international communication, fill out the contact form below, so we can get you in touch with the right people. You too can be in one of these videos.
Students, still in high school, who have traveled across the world and experienced training by the best of the best soccer coaches come to our Academies every year. You can too!

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Soccer Training Video-Spanish Academy


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EduKick Soccer Academies are located in Spain, England, Germany, Italy, France, Mexico, and Brazil and the USA. We focus on academic excellence, soccer training with experienced coaches and teaching our students to learn about and participate in other cultures.
Learn more about our soccer academies and various programs here. You can also call us for more information at 866.338.5425, (internationally at 001.905.469-5661), or fill out the contact form below with any questions.

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EduKick – The Premiere Soccer and Education Academy

EduKick continues to train up young people to become the best and the brightest in the world of soccer. Each student is benefited, not only by the experienced coaches, but by the accountability and education so important to the EduKick way of life.
Opportunities for professional club exposure is available to every young person who attends an EduKick academy. Venues in Manchester, England, as well as Madrid, Spain, have produced many players now playing professionally.
If you know a young person with potential to play soccer on a higher level, or if you are a soccer student who wants to train full time while continuing your academic education, click here to find more information about the EduKick way of training!

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How EduKick Soccer Training Works

If you’ve ever wanted to get professional soccer training, EduKick is the way to go. Our international academies have proven again and again to turn out well-educated and exceptionally trained young men and women who love the sport.
Watch a couple of student-players from EduKick Madrid enjoy prepping for a game.
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Choosing a Football Academy: Academic Excellence

Academic programs
Our Academic Programs provide the students with the opportunity to continue their academic studies while working on an intense soccer training schedule through high school.
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We offer several methods of instruction depending on the student and his or her school of choice. Distance learning continues the curriculum they have been using in school at home.
In addition to our Year-Long programs, EduKick also offers specialized training programs: Goalie training, Girls Programs, and Pro Soccer Trials.
Some students choose to immerse themselves further into the culture by attending the local high school – public or private – near the EduKick Academy they are attending.
The intent of our Academics Programs is to keep academic scores high while still pushing them to train harder for scores on the pitch.
Intercultural Competence
This is the key to the success of many of EduKick Academies’ students. The development of intercultural competence provides EduKick Academy student-players life-skills that offer benefits for them long after the program is ended for the year.
Intercultural competence begins with understanding and appreciating the differences in cultures. Our academies encourage the independence that travel outside of a student’s home country brings.
It also exposes them to new experiences, and the ability to navigate and communicate within another country and culture.
Often a full eighty percent of EduKick student-players are from different cultures and backgrounds. Nearly all are from a country other than the one where the academy is located.
Because of this, EduKick students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience from the culture they are then living in as well as the cultures of their teammates.
2014 Registration Form
EduKick coaches, instructors and staff all work hard to build more into a student than great soccer skills and a solid education.
Qualities, such as self-discipline, are taught in every aspect of the program, encouraging the students see the end-game of life as well as soccer.
Through our soccer and education academies, we seek to develop character, independence and most importantly for future soccer players – intercultural competence.
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Choosing a Football Academy: The EduKick Standand

What Are EduKick Programs?

EduKick Programs extend from Intensive Soccer Training to Language Development to Academic Study and Intercultural Competence.
In addition to Year-long training programs, EduKick also offers specialized training programs: Goalie training, & Girls Programs, and Pro Soccer Trials.
Intensive Soccer Training
In every one of our venues we have hired the best of the best in coaching excellence. Our coaches are focused on developing strength, character and knowledge of the game with each student-player.
With this focus they are able to draw from individuals the ability to work together as a team using their greatest strengths to support the other players, create a winning strategy and become the player they’ve always wanted to be.
Language Immersion
For EduKick, Language Immersion is vital to the development of any soccer player. The universal nature of the game makes learning other languages vital to communication among players.
EduKick Academies overflow with student-players from around the world. So being multi-lingual offers the students more opportunities – not only for personal growth – but also for developing relationships with other students, coaches, and potentially scouts.
Our Language Programs are the best out there, using the well-proven method of immersion to create an environment for whole language learning. Students leave EduKick Programs with a firm grasp of a second language and greater world of opportunities open to them.

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Soccer Academies Open Registration for 2014/2015

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In every one of their eight soccer academies around the world they strive to teach strong soccer skills, solid academics and foreign language study along with intercultural competence. No matter what your soccer goals are, EduKick offers you the opportunity to continue your high school education while furthering your life experience and hopes for the future. Each EduKick Soccer and Education Academy offers the best in soccer and education training. Register Now

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Our newest soccer training facility is USA – California, where we’ve partnered with Santa Barbara Unified Schools and the Santa Barbara Soccer Club to give you the best in soccer training and high school education opportunities.

  • EduKick Spain spends time with the famous Mallo family, who will ensure you learn “Spanish Futbol” the traditional way.
  • EduKick England Manchester has a reputation for top notch football training and a solid foundation in educational excellence.
  • EduKick Mexico means you can have fun in the sun and get into the intense team spirit and the competition played there.
  • EduKick Brazil participants reside in a hot bed of soccer activity as they enjoy the cultural trips and professional matches offered.
  • EduKick France is proud to partner with Hidalgo International Football Academy, to have French language & football experience.
  • EduKick Italy is a complete package of travel, Italian cultural exposure, Italian language study immersion, and football training.
  • EduKick Germany is located in the town of Hennef, and well-connected to soccer clubs throughout the region.

Wherever you choose to attend, EduKick Academies are the ultimate in Soccer and Education training.

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