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Welcome to EduKick Spain Football & Education Football Academy! We now have over 20 years’ experience hosting academic year footballers, soccer teams and football tour groups at our EduKick SPAIN Football Academies since 2001. The NEW EduKick Spain Football Academy is located in the COSTA DEL SOL (Benalmadena, MALAGA)! This newest EduKick venue in the South of Spain is truly unbelievable, please click through to see our academy video.

We are accepting applications NOW. International footballers from 13-26 are welcome to apply for one (1) month to full ten (10) month academic year courses. Academic options include our private International School for secondary education (grades 8-12). Courses are delivered in English. And Spanish Language Study at our affiliated Spanish language institute for players 16+.

Daily training under our Spanish UEFA licensed coaches and insertion onto a local Spanish club team for evening training, tournament and match play. The course also includes a gym strength & conditioning program.

Our international footballers are looking for very clear objectives: improvement in their technical and tactical football skills through intense daily training, learn Spanish futbol and gain match experience by insertion to a local Spanish club team. Also, their require quality education, safety and security, modern, clean accommodations, social activities and excursions, and a good footballer’s diet.

We offer a complete service in all of our programs and the possibility of working within a wide variety of budgets to satisfy the needs of our international footballers and their families around the world.

Our great professionalism in education and football places us in an optimal position to manage one of the most experienced football academies in Spain, guaranteeing that our players have within their reach state of the art tools for their sporting and academic development.

Our company is the result of years of experience and professionalism in the world of football (soccer), offering a personalized service for each of our participating student-footballer clients.

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EduKick Spain Football (Soccer) Academy is an elite Spanish football academy for international student-footballers. The academy is located in the Benalmadena (COSTA DEL SOL), with 320 days of sunshine each year, optimizing our players ability to train on quality grass pitches daily!

The aim of our academy methodology is to create more intelligent players capable of making the best decision in the most competitive of environments.

Our proven methodology is a unique educational system, different and innovative, designed to optimally train young footballers in order to develop an intelligent, tactically and technically sound, creative football player.

Our academy players with their enthusiasm and desire to develop are the keys to our overall success. That’s why our programs are surrounded by the best professionals coaches and support staff in the world with the most innovative, educational and technological tools available.

We encourage players of different nationalities to take advantage of the opportunity to live together outside their home, learning the EduKick Spain academy system, both on and off the field. Our academy players learn through the course Intercultural Competence (ICC)…and we guarantee that our program will be an unforgettable experience for our players.

The benefits of such an experience have a very positive effect on many aspects of the players lives, not only in empowering them as aspiring professional football players but also as individuals which will prove to be a lifelong advantage, both socially and academically.

Our aim is to generate positive and lasting emotional bonds and friendships among the academy player, coaches and staff.

We will be honored to consider your application to join us and help you make your football & education dreams come true!

Edukick Spain Facilities

The EduKick Football & Education Academy Accommodation, Health & Welfare Policy

Why do we offer a private Chalet as our academy accommodation?

We believe that our footballer’s academy accommodation experience must be safe, nurturing, clean, and of the highest quality in order to maximize their experience at the academy.

As opposed to a hotel or homestay accommodation, our players reside in our private, secure, and adult-supervised villa chalets that only our student-footballers and academy staff can access.

It is important for our players to feel comfortable and at home during their time abroad with us. Our private villa chalet accommodation option makes this a reality for our players, as they enjoy living in complete tranquility in a residential neighborhood in Benalmadena.

Most importantly, our new concept of academy accommodation allows us to provide isolation from passive tourism to our athletes, which nowadays due to the presence of Covid-19 is a priority in order to keep everyone safe and healthy during the academy course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I choose EduKick spain?

Live & study in Spain!
Established in Spain for 16 years.
Professional soccer training.
Spanish language & cultural immersion.
Top-of-the-line facilities.
Full-time 24/7 adult monitor on staff.
Academy-planned training schedule.
We send you staff bios, rules & travel packing list in advance.

Q: If a player decides to do online high school, and not attend the local school, will there be tutoring available at the housing facility? Specifically math and science tutoring?

A: Yes, there are tutors available 24/7, normally one for every 4-5 players, this tutor will provide all necessary support that is needed, educational, emotional and personal. Regarding specifics like math and science the most qualified tutor for this area will provide support to the student at that time. We also have a psychologist available at all times as well.

Q: What facilities exist to support online education and studying? Computer lab with printing capabilities? Good strong consistent Wi-Fi? Study hall?

A: We have 2 class rooms/study halls equipped with everything, computer lab, printer, stationary etc. The WI-FI works perfectly. There is also Wi-Fi available 24/7 in the sports Village (boarding school).

Q: If there are only a few players in the EduKick program are there other athletes that are at the facility long term? Will players have the opportunity to get to know other athletes his age that are staying long term?

A: Generally there are at least 15 players at one time from a wide range of nationalities between the ages of 12-21. They will play together, train together and live together (each player has their own mini apartment, with all facilities and services, 4* superior equivalent)

As our academy is in constant interaction with local, regional, professional and international teams due to our close ties with the CATALAN FOOTBALL FEDERATION the players will share training sessions with professional teams, play with and or against on a regular basis, minimum 3 times per week. I have attached the weekly agenda that they players follow when staying with us.

Q: Will players have the opportunity to play matches during the stay?

A: Yes many games, we host many teams from around the world and these teams come and play with and against our academy elite, also we host the following tournaments in which the academy players will be involved with.

Q: If a player chooses to go to the local school how does this affect the training schedule?

A: No, our affiliated school adapt the school schedule to accommodate our academy player’s daily training sessions.

Q: If a player chooses to do the online High School option, will there be language lesson options?

A: Yes, we prefer for the players to learn at least Spanish when they stay with us. Players who choose not to study academics will need to study Spanish or a coaching course and also can receive an introduction course of Refereeing (providing a better understanding of football globally). If the student is over 16 years old and chooses not to study an official course, he can study our internal Tecnifutbol course, consisting of: 3 days a week language course + 2 days per week of coaching courses.”

Q: How long is the winter break?

A: 24th December – 7th January.

Q: Are there opportunities to go off “campus”? Is it necessary for players to be chaperoned at all times when going off campus?

A: Yes, when under 18 years old with prior notification from the parents the players can leave campus when they want.

Q: Will players train with the EduKick participants as well as an academy team? Will the player train with other people that are staying at this facility?

A: Yes, EduKick participants will be all together in an international group of youths who will all train, play, study and live together.

Q: Will he have consistent coaches throughout a player’s time at EduKick Spain?

A: Of course, this a highly dedicated educational system for the development of youth football players, through the use of methodologies imparted by our staff of highly qualified and experienced UEFA Pro coaches. The coaching will be consistent throughout his time with EduKick.

Q: Will the training be personally tailored to maximize a player’s strengths and address their weaknesses?

A: Yes, of course, this is one of the main functions of our Academy. There will also be group sessions to go over the game play, areas to improve, why specific commands were given, to go over the errors and how to avoid these in the future and most of all for them to understand the game and think for themselves. SMARTFOOTBALL Methodology is based on the artistic ability of the brain we develop creative players.

Q: Is there an option to stay with a host family?

A: No, this is something we do not allowas the team spirit concept is lost if some individuals are not fully part of the group the full dynamic of the Academy will not be experienced and they may feel left out.

Your EduKick Spain Football & Education Program Includes

  1. Airport pick up/drop off and transfers.
  2. Private supervised apartment accommodation
  3. Three (3) meals a day (Breakfast, lunch & Dinner)
  4. Education: Spanish or International High School, Spanish Language classes at affiliated Spanish Language Institute
  5. Five (5)  morning football training sessions under the guidance of EduKick Spain Academy technical football staff
  6. Placement to a local based Spanish football club team for two (2) or three (3) additional football training & weekend matches
  7. Supervised Strength & Conditioning offered in 6 week modules throughout course (two gym sessions per week).
  8. Attend professional Spanish La Liga matches & lower division Spanish pro matches (3 matches total).
  9. Attend pro Spanish professional club training session (subject to availability).
  10. EduKick Spain Training Kit & Leisure Wear package (Jersey, shorts, socks, tracksuit, training top, rain jacket, kit bag & MORE!).
  11. All local transport between the residence & private school, football training and matches.
  12. Full medical insurance.
  13. 24/7 adult supervision, mentoring & welfare.
  14. Two (2) reports per academic half year (technical football and academic) & regular reporting & communication to parents through social media, newsletter, and email.