EduKick England Ellesmere Football & Education Academy Boarding School

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Academy Duration:
September – July

Academy Location:
Shropshire, UK

Age Range:
12 – 18

EduKick England Ellesmere Football & Education Junior Academy Boarding School scholars immerse into regular school life living on site in the residence dorms and attending classes on a daily basis following the UK National Curriculum (GCSE, A-Levels or the International Baccalaureate). The school academic timetable is carefully constructed to allow our participants to balance sporting and academic excellence.

The EduKick England Ellesmere Academy has an excellent track record of developing and improving international footballers and is one of the earliest independent academies catering for International students set up in the UK originating in 2005. Football (Soccer) scholars in addition to regular school services (boarding & academics) will receive daily skill development, fitness training, and 1 on 1 reviews with coaches.

Why EduKick Ellesmere Junior Football Academy?

Academy training sessions take place daily, alongside the events listed, focusing on both individual and team development. All training and development is supervised by EduKick UEFA qualified staff.

First Class

First class facilities with high level coaching by UEFA qualified staff.

Skill Development

Tactical and technical skill development

Talent Scouts

Talent identification in front of scouts, pro club coaches and academy staff.

Competitive Play

Regular competitive match play and structured training.

Academic support

An Academic support that provides pathways to football related professions via higher education.

University Pathways

Pathways to university entrance.

Talent Reviews

Game analysis video review, and 1 on 1 reviews.

Fitness Training

Regular fitness testing with structured individual conditioning programs.

Football Season / Course Dates

Term One

September - December

Term #1: 6th September – 4th December, 2020
23rd October – 1st November, 2019 (half term break) 

  • 11 side competitive league play
  • Train at / visit local pro clubs
  • Pro academy  coaching sessions
  •  Competitive match play
  • Coaching by pros via the PFAC

Term Two

January - April

Term #2: 3rd January – 26th March, 2021
12th – 21st February, 2020 (half term break)

  • Pro trials to showcase talent
  • Train at / visit local pro clubs
  • Pro academy  coaching sessions
  •  Competitive match play
  • Coaching by pros via the PFAC

Term Three

April - July

Term #3: 19th April – 3rd July, 2021
28th May – 5th June, 2020 (half term break)

  • Extended: pro trial tournament
  • Train at / visit local pro clubs
  • Pro academy  coaching sessions
  •  Competitive match play
  • Coaching by pros via the PFAC

The campus and program are closed between each term, so students are required to make alternative arrangements – most return home for a break. During the half terms while the campus is closed for academic study/classes, there is a half-term guardianship/ football package available that provides accommodation and welfare for an extra fee (for players 16+ only).

What Does My Fee Cover?

Tuition Fee: £ 34,533 (GBP)
£ 11,511 (GBP) per Term (3 Terms per academic year).
Returnable Deposit: This is invoiced on your first term’s account but is not counted against your school fees. This amount is refunded on the final invoice after your child leaves the school.
UK Pupils: £400 – EU Pupils: £2000 – Other International Pupils: £9000

  • Online player profile/CV
  • EduKick training kit package
  • Academy for a coaching session, etc.
  • Football (soccer) evaluation progress reports every 6 weeks
  • Guest coaching sessions from professional club academy coaches
  • Daily structured football coaching with EduKick UEFA qualified coaching staff
  • Placement to football (soccer) age specific team for competitive match play in local football league
  • Academic / boarding fees (includes 3 meals per day and 3 x half term supervised living breaks)
  • 1x football (soccer) excursion per school term – watch a professional match, visit a professional club
  • Participants are entered into a one day trial event attended by UK professional club scouts twice a year

What Is Not Included?

  • School uniform Package
  • Return airfares
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation between term 1 and term 2
  • International student medical/travel insurance