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10 Months

Erie, Pennsylvania

September – June

14 – 18

Welcome to EduKick USA – PIA! EduKick International announces new partnership with Pennsylvania International Academy (PIA) and Mercyhurst Preparatory School to open US based Soccer Boarding School in Erie, Pennsylvania, one of the United States most attractive cities on the east coast which is nestled along the American southern shores of Lake Erie.

EduKick and Pennsylvania International Academy (PIA) have combined strengths in soccer and education to offer “EduKick USA – PIA Soccer Boarding School,” an English language academic year soccer academy located in the Pennsylvanian hotbed of soccer…Erie, Pennsylvania. Starting in September 2019, EduKick will offer their newest venue, PIA Soccer Boarding School to international student-soccer players worldwide.

EduKick has well established soccer schools in Europe (Spain, Italy, France, Germany and England) and Mexico but the Erie, Pennsylvania campus will be the first ever on United States soil. The new EduKick campus will be located on the PIA grounds, which is adjacent to Erie Bank Sports Park – the area’s largest athletic training facility. The sports park features 12 outdoor natural grass soccer pitches, an indoor Dome pitch with artificial turf.

The soccer curriculum includes training five day per week Monday – Friday under EduKick’s USA Course Director, Ben Ady, a highly experienced, licensed youth soccer coach with a focus on exposing his soccer players to US Colleges and Universities. Ben serves as a senior staff coach for the International Soccer Academy of Erie and serves as the Technical Soccer Director for EduKick USA.


Call EduKick Founder Joseph Bilotta at: 
Toll-Free (USA/CANADA):
1 (866) 338-5425
SKYPE: edukicksoccer
WhatsApp: +1-289-242-1143

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Coach Ben is a licensed coach as well as a licensed referee with the US Soccer Federation. Coach Ben additionally holds a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science Degree and has experience as both player and coach with soccer clubs throughout the world at the youth and adult levels.

Coach Ben will coordinate the EduKick USA student athlete’s soccer, strength, fitness, and dietary programming. In addition to regular soccer academy group training, the International Soccer Academy of Erie and/or the Erie Admirals will insert EduKick players into their youth squads depending on the age and level of the players for an additional two (2) or three (3) training per week in the evening and play a weekend match (when scheduled). Additionally, each EduKick player will have the opportunity to try out for the Olympic Development Program (ODP), which will provide EduKick players with additional avenues to grow in the game of soccer and train with the best of the best in the area. To round out the soccer development experience, players will also undergo a rigorous core fitness training program.

For the fall season, Edukick players will train and play with their age appropriate International Soccer Academy of Erie club team. The team will compete in the State Soccer Association’s travel league facing top level club teams from all over the state.

Typical EduKick USA soccer training week in the fall:



Wednesday – AM Individual training

Thursday – PM Individual training


Saturday – Match preparation & classroom sessions

Sunday – GAME DAY

Daily Soccer Training

Daily soccer coaching sessions from our Academy Coaches and spotting from the Erie Admirals.

Strength Training

Strength and conditioning training will be issued to increase physical and metal soccer performance.

Blue Ribbon School

Provided by the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence winner, the Mercyhurst Preparatory School.

Registration and Gear

Tournament registration fees and sales taxa are included along with all the necessary academy training gear.

Daily Meals

Daily Team meals (three) that are nutritionally balanced for an athlete.

NCAA Eligibility

Students have the opportunity to receive NCAA eligibility counseling and college recruitment assistance.


High School education is provided at Mercyhurst Prep High, with tutoring as well as SAT and ACT prep support.

Team Transport

Here at Edukick we travel as a team, so all travel is done with your teammates.


Patti – Mother of Cody

For Cody, Edukick was a truly amazing experience! He met other boys from all over the world and made lasting friendships. The soccer training and facilities were excellent. The boys received daily training from a professional coach and from that he learned so much in terms of soccer skills and how to develop as a better player. Cody was 17 when he left for Italy.

They even arranged for me to have Cody call us as soon as he got off the plane. As a parent I had no worries while he was living abroad. The staff at Edukick promptly address any questions you may have during your son’s stay and they are always supervised on guided cultural excursions.

Through the school year, we received updates on what the boys had been up to and with lots of pictures and videos, which I really enjoyed. We also got reports from his school.

Overall, it was a fantastic, unforgettable experience for our son. Thank you!

Sean – Father of Quinn

“Thanks guys…It was a great year. As you know, we had 2 goals coming into this program: find a safe; hospitable; loving (I use that word because I felt every one of your staff showed that to Quinn and myself when I visited); professional environment that would allow a young kid to learn/experience the ins and outs of becoming a professional football player.

Secondly, to secure some reputable relationships with UK teams and professionals that we could leverage for the 2014 season that would trend us down the path of scholarship football in a professional football setting.

In my opinion, I think both of those goals exceeded our expectations and I owe it to you guys for helping us find our way over this last year. I want to personally thank you for giving me the confidence that you always had Quinn’s best interests in mind. You gave me total peace of mind that he was always in a safe environment where he was surrounded by well-intentioned adults who allowed Quinn to mature at his own pace.

Much success for the 2013-14 season and I look forward to chatting with you more in the near future.”

Zach – Student at PIA

“Pursuing my IB diploma can easily be considered as the best decision I have made in my high school years at Mercyhurst Prep.

Instead of focusing on the apparent benefits of receiving college credits in course placements once you arrive during your freshman year, I would like to mention how grateful I am for the invaluable skill set and critical thinking ability I have acquired from doing the IB curriculum.

The emphasis is not on how many discrete facts and formulas one have memorized for exams, instead, the curriculum focuses on how to understand the broad and underlying concepts and mechanisms.

Having recently graduated from Johns Hopkins, I can say that IB education at Mercyhurst has prepared me well for a competitive academic environment that values independent thinking and critical analysis.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Age Group?

Students must be of the age to attend High School, i.e. at least a freshman (9th grade) – ages 14-18

Gender Specific?

The program is open to both boys and girls!

School Accredited?

Yes, Mercyhurst Prep Academy is a fully accredited US charter high school offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, with over 30 years of (IB) experience.

Visa Duration?

Currently, international students are only allowed to attend a U.S. public high school for a total of 12 months with the issued I-20 form and F-1 student visa.

Year Round?

The program is a full-time residency academy where players from all around the country and abroad live, study, train and compete for 10 months of the year (September – June).

What's the Cost?

The full annual tuition for full-time residency academy is $53,990 (US Nationals & Internationals ).

Need a Tryout?

No, to be considered for a potential full-time residency program every player needs to send us his current academic reports and current football (soccer) resume with at least two references and/or video.

Time Off?

Players have a 2-week Winter break (end of December – beginning of January). There are also Fall (October) and Spring (March) breaks in school.

What's Not Included?

Does not include any Visa / Immigration expenses, transportation costs incurred in getting to or from the Academy and any personal expenses required through the year.

Student Visa?

Does not include any Visa / Immigration expenses, transportation costs incurred in getting to or from the Academy and any personal expenses required through the year.